framing a puzzle

What are we framing this week? A Puzzle!

Our client brought in this fabulous spices puzzle, wondering if we had any ideas of how she could get it off her kitchen table and onto her kitchen wall.

She wanted something simple, easy to clean, and would work with the box edge of the puzzle.

And she wanted to be able to hang it any way she wanted.

We suggested a lamination process that covers the top of the puzzle with a nonglare lamination film to protect and hold the puzzle together, as well as being easy to keep clean. The puzzle is glued to a board, and the edges are beveled and covered with a color. We picked a brown tone to blend in with the box edge.

Isn’t this a great piece to hang in the kitchen! Just look at the detail in the spices! They look so real you think you could reach in and pull out what you want while you are cooking.