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What are we framing this week? Pearl Jam Doubled!

This is an AMAZING poster!

Our client purchased the poster and framing as a birthday gift for his wife. The poster is the Oct.13th Pittsburg Pearl Jam commemorative poster. It is a remarkable piece of art in many ways – the printing on the “front side” is done with electric neon colors on black in matte, shiny, and pearlescent inks, and the poster is double sided – the image of the iron worker on the front, and the writing about the comcert on the back.

Our challenge was to frame it in a fairly simple way so it could be viewed from both sides.

We choose a black mat for the front, and a neon orange mat for the back, hinging the poster to hang between the two mats. There is conservation glazing on both sides of the matting to protect the poster, and the back of the frame is built up in the channel to fill in the gap where the normal backing boards would go in a metal frame. We painted the hardware black on the backside to try to make it less noticeable when the framed poster is viewed on the reverse.

I’ve tried to show in the photos how incredible the inks are in this poster. The concept, design, and execution of the poster are just dynamic! What a pleasure to work with it, and our client’s wife was so pleased with the result!