gun case for a Mosen Nagant rifle with lid open

I've written before about how so many of the items picture framers frame, have a story and a significance to the client.

This rifle was a Christmas gift for our client in multiple ways. The rifle, a Russian made Mosen Nagant, belonged to one of his best friends.

His friend purchased the rifle in very poor condition, and set about to restore it. When he was finished, the rifle was back to almost perfect condition, and was fireable.

His friend recently passed away, and the rifle was given to our client. Our client wanted to have the rifle framed as a rememberance of his friend who had restored and owned the rifle, and our clients father asked us to frame the rifle as his Christmas gift to his son.

The rifle is in a walnut case with a locking lid. The rifle and bayonet are sitting on supports, so they can be removed from the case. The case can be hung on the wall or stood on a table.

As I was working with the project, I thought about how this rifle was the thread that connected so many people together. I never met the young man who owned the rifle, but the stories I've heard about him show he was quite special and enriched the lives of so many others.