custom framing an embroidered pillowcase, embroidery, preservation, conservation

What are we framing this week? An embroidered pillowcase!   

Our client brought in this beautiful embroidered pillowcase that was embroidered by his grandmother. He told us he had many memories of visiting her in her home, and of the intricate needlework she adorned her house with.  After she passed away, the grandchildren were given something she had made as a keepsake.  His keepsake was this embroidered roses pillowcase with crochet edge trim.

He didn’t want to use it, but wanted to be able to display it in some way. He came to us for advice, telling us he didn’t want the entire pillowcase to show, but to be able to see the embroidered flowers and trim work.

He likes bright vibrant colors, and the pillowcase certainly had these! We found a fabric that picked up the bright emerald green of the leaves, and a frame that matched the pink of the roses.

The pillowcase was sewn to preservation matting, which was then attached to the board with the fabric on it. Conservation glazing was used with a spacer attached to lift the glass off of the needlework.

Our client was very pleased to be able to enjoy his grandmother’s artistry everyday up on his wall!