Custom framing a childs drawing for a Christmas gift for Grandma

Every Christmas, clients come in with very special projects – ones that inspire and remind us that the spirit of Christmas is very real in our everyday lives – if we just slow down and look for it.

This year, one of our clients brought in this special project – a painting by 5 year old Thia. Thia loves her grandmother so much. Thia’s painting is of her grandmother, and grandma is thinking of Thia – the cartoon bubble encases grandma’s thoughts “I love Thia, and Thia loves me, and I am thinking about what a wonderful time Thia and I will have together this Christmas!” I know this because Thia told me all about the picture she had painted. This was the gift Thia was giving to her grandmother.

Thia loves orange, so, of course, we had to use an orange mat around the painting. Thia had scrunched the painting a bit as she was bringing it to us, but I think that was just a love scrunch for her grandma. We decided to leave the scrunches because they are as much a part of the art as the hearts Thia painted around her grandmother’s head.

Thia also wanted a frame that would pick up her grandmother’s hair color, because she loves her grandmother’s auburn hair.

Our little artist and her grandfather were thrilled with the finished frame, and I am sure grandma was pretty pleased, too. I think Thia made her grandmother’s Christmas extra special, and I think Thia will have a wonderful  year in 2016 – when she turns a whole, big six!

Happy New Year to all – and may all of you have someone like Thia in your life, too!