The Mitered Corner offers a large selection of picture framing products from traditional to contemporary. We carry wood mouldings, fillets, slips, and liners from Larson Juhl, including the Craig Ponzio Collection, Studio, Framers Inventory, Bella, Prisma Acrylic Frames, D J Direct, and  Roma. Our selection of metal mouldings is from Nielson. We can provide specially shaped frames such as oval, circle, octagon, oblong, heart, cathedral, fan, and flag cases.

Our mat selections include Artique, Crescent and Bainbridge archival/preservation matboards. These companies feature conservation quality mat boards in a variety of colors, surfaces, core colors, and textures, including fabrics.

We carry TruVue glass products, including UV filtering products such as Conservation Clear, Conservation Reflection Control, and Museum Glass. We carry some sizes of oval convex glass in stock, and can special order convex glass in circle, oval, octagon, rectangle, and several other specialty shapes. We can also provide special order custom mirrors with your choice of bevel widths.

Some of our customers are interested in purchasing products and doing their own framing at home. Customers may purchase mat boards, foam boards, glass, and moulding for their projects through us. We provide helpful advice to those who like to do their own work.