A Picture Framers Christmas Poem

Every year I write a Christmas poem for my picture framing friends. I’d like to share this year’s poem with all of you. And my apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, who wrote a much better “The Night Before Christmas”!

T’was the day before Christmas
In every frame shop
The framers were framing
Sure they would drop.
If the orders weren’t finished
Before the Special Eve
The customers waiting
Would surely be peeved!

When through my doors there arose such a clatter,
Why, who is that man in red?
And what does it matter?
Doesn’t he know I’ve got orders to ready?
Oh, no! My gosh! He doesn’t look very steady!

The old man stumbled, took a chair and sat down.
He searched in his pockets and bags ‘till he found
A note he handed me, a smile across his face stole
Then off like the wind the old man cheerily strode!

I opened the note
It was smallish and square
And smelled like Christmas - pine trees, cinnamon, and other sweet fare.
Inside the words blazed brighter than bright! 
I looked up in wonder as the old man faded from sight.

“It isn’t Christmas until you celebrate, too.
Don’t forget that Christmas was also meant for you!”

“Sometimes people forget the working folk
And don’t appreciate the weight of the yoke
On the people who make Christmas happen year after year
Working until late just to sooth the fears
That special gift won’t be finished for Christmas night
And someone, somewhere, will be angry and fight.”

“So not just for today, but for every day of the year
Make Christmas for yourself and for those you hold dear.”

As we wind down today and head home for the night
I wish you Merry Christmas and hope in your sight
That funny old man in the red suit appears
Bringing you every blessing for the season 
And throughout the New Year!

Merry Christmas, everyone!