acid burn, damage, fading,

Very seldom do framers get in a picture that doesn't have some damage to it - a crease or ripple, a tear, a bent corner, damage from old style matboards and backings, missing parts, sratches, fading, mold and mildew, insect damage.

Life is full of bumps and bruises. Your art suffers, too. 

Framers can't "fix" your art. Conservators do this kind of work.

But we can help you choose updated products and methods to refresh your art and help it to look better and last longer.

That's why when you bring your art into us, we will talk about it's condition. We'll use terms like acid burn, older matboards and backings and the damage they do, damage from too much light or heat or moisture, mounting methods that were common in the past but not used today. We'll suggest better matting choices, updated colors and frame styles, better backings, better mounting methods.

We'll also talk to you about where you are locating your art. Is it hanging in an area that gets a lot of light? Over the fireplace or a heat source? In a bathroom or laundry room where the air is damp? In a room that is seldom heated or cooled?

Remember, your art is on display. Museums moniter display times and conditions. Most of us can't do that in our homes or offices. But you can limit the light your picture gets during the daylight hours, be sure it is hanging in a room with a stable environment, use better quality matting, backing, attachments, and glazing, and take it into a framer once in a while for a health check-up.

Just like you, we love your art and we want to see it hang around for a long, long time.