photograph of mother cradling her child
I was so touched by this beautiful photo of a clients daughter and grandson. The photographer caught the tenderness of a mothers love as she cradles her newborn infant. This is one of those images that just stays with you and makes you smile every time you see it. The photo is so intimate and warm - we wanted the framing to be soft and cozy, too. We picked a fabric mat in a warm brown suede with a beaded fillet inside, and a shaded walnut frame that picked up the highlights and lowlights of mom... read more
modern presentation for an antique rug/needle art
This was a very interesting challenge for our week. Our client treasured the needle art rug that had been in his family since his grandmother. He had displayed it for many years in his home in a simple frame without glazing. He wanted to reframe it in a simple, narrow, modern frame with the wood grain showing, and he also wanted to put conservation glazing on it to protect the needle art from light and dust. But he also wanted to be able to take the glazing off at certain times so people could... read more
Fontana Girl fruit label, Fontana, California
This was such a fun project! The couple who brought these in grew up in Fontana, California. They have fond memories of a small town surrounded by lots of citrus groves. They found the fruit box labels and an ad from a 1913 Sunset Magazine selling citrus acreage in Fontana to decorate their home and to remember growing up at a special time in California history. The ad featured in glowing terms the wonderful life one could have  living in Fontana. We floated the labels on a matboard that... read more
custom framing the same photo two ways
Ever wonder how to frame the family portrait where each child will be getting the same picture, but you want them to be different, but equal? This was the challenge put forward for us to solve. Dad wanted to give this family portrait to each child as a Christmas gift, and to reflect each child. For his daughter, we picked a rounded corner mat design with reverse bevels, and a moderately fancy frame with bronze gold accents. For the youngest son, we picked a more masculine rectangular cut, with... read more
Framing advertising mirror, Scottish Golf Courses, liquor advertisent, West Seattle
This was an interesting piece to come in this week. The mirror was produced as an advertisement for liquor, and hung for many years in a restaurant in West Seattle. When the restaurant closed, the mirror transferred hands to my customer. He decided to frame it to give as a Christmas gift. The mirror has printed pictures of famous golf courses (St. Andrews, Turnberry, and Muirfield) fitted into the clear ovals and rectangles. What a wonderful gift to receive, and what a wonderful item to have in... read more
framing antique photo, old photo of african american twins, old style frame, antique frame, african american photograph,
I love old photos - and the history that is a part of their "picture"! This old photo was purchased by a favorite customer and brought in for reframing. She loved the "twins", and like me, wondered what their history was and why they ended up in an antique store rather than with their family. So she "adopted" them and brought them in for a bit of refurbishment. We took off the old, battered, broken frame and replaced it with a large, ornate, frame with veneer a panel. We felt the style, color... read more
framed De Laval stamped tin cow
I was delighted and enchanted to have a vintage De Laval stamped  cow come in for framing! This stamped tin lithographed cut out cow was produced to advertise the company dairy equipment products. On the back of the cow is information about the product line and an invitation to mail the cow back to the De Laval company - simply adhere a postage stamp and hand to your mailman. This adorable little cow was a gift for my customers mother. Her mother had grown up in dairy country and fondly... read more
glass, glazing, uv, conservation glass, museum glass, Tru Vue, glare, fading, regular glass, non glare glass, reflection in glass, framing glass choices
Ultraviolet light can cause color loss, paper embrittlement, and deterioration of artwork, as does visible light. While it is not possible to block out visible light, it is possible to filter out much of the UV spectrum by using conservation glazing. Conservation glazing has a coating that filters out 97% of the UV spectrum in the 300 to 380 nanometer range, the range that conservators are most concerned about. We carry TruVue TruGuard conservation glazing in Conservation Clear, Conservation... read more
archival, museum quality, mat board, cotton rag board, alpha cellulose board, mircro chamber, Crescent, Artique, Bainbridge
Back to the Top     What is an Archival or Museum Quality Mat Board? There are two kinds of mat boards that are considered to be archival. The first is rag board, which is made from 100% cotton. Cotton is acid and lignin free, and has been used for decades in museums, galleries, and frame shops to protect artwork. Crescent and Bainbridge Cotton Rag Mats, made from cotton, come in a wide array of colors, core colors, surfaces, and textures to fit any framing situation. The second kind of... read more
acid burn, damage, fading,
Very seldom do framers get in a picture that doesn't have some damage to it - a crease or ripple, a tear, a bent corner, damage from old style matboards and backings, missing parts, sratches, fading, mold and mildew, insect damage. Life is full of bumps and bruises. Your art suffers, too.  Framers can't "fix" your art. Conservators do this kind of work. But we can help you choose updated products and methods to refresh your art and help it to look better and last longer. That's why when you... read more


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