Happy Mothers Day to all our mothers, and to my mother, Addie, who is 90! We would like to share with you some of what we have framed over the years reflecting a mothers world - love, marriage, children, family treasures passed on to another generation. The first picture is of a Pieta - Mary and baby Jesus. The second picture is a Chinese oil painting of a mother and her children, and the cat! The next picture is of a mother hen and chicks done in cross stitch. The children in the oval frame in... read more
framing a set of four NW Coast Indian Art Limited Editions
Our clients had a set of four NW Coast Indian Limited Editions. They have a wonderful collection of art filling other walls in their home, and they had picked one wall to showcase this set. They were to be hung to create a square on the wall - each square frame would be the corner of the square. One other larger piece of art had been framed similarly for this wall, and the set of four were meant to complement and balance the larger piece. We picked black matting with a deeper red inner mat and... read more
tea cup and saucer, shadow box framing, suede fabric, museum glass
"Come along inside . . . . .  We'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place." The Wind In The Willows Kenneth Grahame   This weeks challenge was two fold - an old comic that was in fragile condition, and a tea cup and saucer that belonged to Grandma. The 1939 comic was not a collectible, and was fragile enough to need a framing technique to help it hold together. We choose a lamination to help bond the comic paper to keep it as long as possible for the client to enjoy. The neat... read more
custom framing with multiple fillets
Fillets are tiny frames that function like accessories in fashion. They add the accent, the zest, the finishing touch to framed artwork. Fillets can be used with both mats and frames in a variety of combinations. Here are a few examples of how we have incorporated fillets into some recent framing for clients. The first picture used three different fillets, two used on the inside of the suede matting, and one used on the inside of the frame. The next two pictures of the little boy with the lady... read more
chinese embroidery, great wall of china, updating picture framing of a family hierloom
This lovely embroidery of the Great Wall of China was given as a gift from family friends. It had been framed typically for it's time - a fancy gold frame with a thin paper mat, and the embroidery was nailed to a  piece of Philippine mahogany. Behind the glass was a handwritten card noting the embroidery was a gift, showing the gift givers name and address. Our client wanted to display the embroidery in the entry of their new home as a remembrance of their mother-in-law. We selected updated... read more
embroidered sampler by Mary Queen of Scotts
Our client loves to embroider, and does so beautifully! She is interested in historical samplers and recently completed this one - a sampler stitched by Mary Queen of Scots. Queen Mary was imprisoned for 18 1/2 years and created many beautiful works of needleart during her custody. Many of the samplers included symbols of Mary's life. The top line of this sampler, which Mary stitched for her most loyal handmaiden, reads "I pray you will delight in this text and symbols there in which you will... read more
new mat colors update artwork
Spring is just around the corner, and many of us are looking for ways to freshen and brighten up our homes. Sometimes, just changing a mat color can make a difference.Our client brought in this print, and wanted to bring out more color and vibrancy in the art. We selected four mat colors to pick up her favorite colors in the print. A simple black frame completed the look.
shadow box of Seahawks season tickets and confetti from the Superbowl
The Seattle Seahawks winning the Superbowl sure made us proud around here! Many people brought in the front page cover of The Seattle Times, and the Sports section cover for lamination - a kind of frameless framing. The shadowbox is composed of the Seahawks season tickets and the confetti from the Superbowl, framed in Seahawks colors. The client was so pleased they hugged the frame when they saw the finished product!  
French toiletries, shadow box framing, handbags, cosmetics, and match and candle set.
What a fun project this was! The client had collected French toiletries from her family and antique stores. She brought in face powder in a compact, lip rouge, French perfume, dusting powder in a beautiful box,  several evening bags, a box of matches (with matches inside), small candles, and an antique ad to put into a shadowbox. Some of the items belonged to her great grandmother - who was quite a coquette, it turned out. The perfume bottle still had a little perfume in it, and its sweet,... read more
dog, framing dog, framing a best friend, animals, love of animals
Our pets are such an important part of our lives. They are our best friends, our love without strings, the pathway to the hidden parts of our hearts. May everyone be blessed with this kind of love.  


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