custom framing on oil of Diamond Head, Hawaii
I’m not on vacation (darn!), but several of my clients are – and they are in Hawaii. Let’s go visit them!This first oil is of Diamond Head, painted by a client during an extended vacation. I used one frame as the liner, and another frame as the frame for the outside. The client wanted the colors of the sky and the sea, and the feel of the lush foliage in the islands. How wonderful to have a memory of your vacation to adorn your walls and take you away during a rainy winter Washington day!... read more
framing a "beach" sign, vacation memories framing, custom framing
I'm not on vacation, but some of my clients are! This "beach" sign is an old piece of sheeting with the word "beach" stenciled on in blue paint, and then glue and sand sprinkled over it. The crumpled sheeting, the sand, and the colors of the beach, water, and sky just take you away on vacation! We used a weathered wood frame with a blue panel to keep the feel of the warmth of the sun on the dunes, the breeze off the ocean, the smell of the water tickling your nose.    
Roseau County Fairgrounds limited edition print by Marv Espe, custom framing,
Our client brought in a limited edition print of the Roseau Minnesota County Fairgrounds in the style of the 1930’s. Well, it IS county fair season all over the country right now, complete with homespun flavor, cotton candy, 4H exhibits, pie eating contests, animal barns, pig races, tractor parades, rodeos, music and dancing, fair burgers with onions, eat-so-much-you-can’t-eat-another-bite-ride-every-ride-until-you-think-you’ll-fall-over-see-how-late-mom-and-dad-will-let-you-stay-up! While we... read more
reframing a beautiful original watercolor
This project was a real treat and a lot of fun figuring out the story! Our client brought in this beautiful bucolic landscape. It had been in the family forever, and had eventually passed to our clients. They had been told it was an oil painting, but it didn't look like an oil and it had glass. Through the glass it looked as if it might be a print.  It was in a wonderful old frame that was somewhat damaged. The artists signature was hard to read and was a little hidden by the rabbet of the... read more
framing baby samplers, needle art, stitchery
Well, this has been an exciting time!  My neighbors, Max and Julianne,  welcomed their son, Julius, into the world, and my special friends, Lisa and Kevin, became grandparents to Samantha Mae. Lisa has been a long time friend and employee in my store, and her daughter, Amelea, was born while Lisa was working for me.  Congratulations Amelea and Sam, Max and Julianne - and welcome to the world, Samantha Mae and Julius! May your lives be blessed in every way! This has also been a fun time in the... read more
custom framing an antique print and showing how print is mounted
Many times I realize clients don't know what I am doing with their pictures "behind the scenes". Here is an example of one thing I do when I am framing your picture. This lovely print was one in a series of prints by a New England printer/artist. The series were scenes depicting spring, summer, fall, and winter. The gentleman who brought the print in had grown up seeing his mother carefully keep the print between paper in a drawer. She was never able to frame it - keeping the house going,... read more
new framing in floater frame for mid century modern home
Our client brought in an oil she loved, but it didn't fit into her home - mid century modern.  The oil of trees in the forest in the moonlight had hung on her brick fireplace, and she always felt it looked out of place. It had been framed many years before in a rustic, traditional type frame that was black with a silver inner lip. Even then, she envisioned the framing as something sleek and  simple, but there weren't as many choices in framing available at the time. The original frame was... read more
framing a small, original needleart of Eastern Washington landscape
Our client brought in an original needleart designed and stitched by her father. He loved Eastern Washington, and created numerous needleworks that combined a number of stitches to bring to life the wheat fields, the plateaus, the coulees and scablands. In this small piece, her father had stitched rows of wheat surrounding a rocky outcrop. He had mounted it to a piece of out of square plywood years ago,  It was not possible to remove the needleart and remount it - this would have been a task... read more
original painting on cigar leaf from Drew Estate, Nicaragua, titled Liga Privada T52
Our clients brought in an interesting and unusual project – a hand painted cigar leaf showing a box of Liga Privada T52 cigars from Drew Estate in Nicaragua. They visited the tobacco estate because they collect cigars from around the world. On this visit, they were able to see the estate, its production facilities, sample the wares, and came home with an original painting of their favorite cigar from the Drew Estate. The cigar leaf is purchased mounted in a frame made on the plantation, but... read more
Memorial Day, Flag cases, framing flags
Monday, May 26th , is Memorial Day. I hope you will take a moment to pause and remember those who have given so much for our freedoms. “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We... read more


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