custom framing an antique French embroidered silk postcard
What a wonderful treasure came into the shop for us to frame this week! Our client brought in a WW1 French embroidered postcard sent by his uncle to his father. His uncle was wounded during battle, and was in a field hospital in France. He died from mustard gas a short time after sending the postcard. Embroidered silk postcards were very popular during the First World War. French and Belgian woman embroidered strips of silk organza with images of flowers, birds, the flags of the Allies, and... read more
custom framing an old print of Dan Patch, famous racehorse from early 1900's
This print has been in our client’s family since the early 1900’s. Dan Patch was a famous racehorse who set the pacing mile record in 1906 at 1:55 and earned more than $1 million a year. His “unofficial” record was not tied for 38 years until Billy Direct became the official 1.55 world record holder. There were many product endorsements and mementos such as this print created to celebrate Dan Patch’s celebrity. The print is in poor condition, with tears in the paper, water damage, fading, and... read more
custom framing an original oil two ways
What are we framing this week?  Decisions, decisions, decisions! This small original oil was purchased recently by our clients. They narrowed the choices down to these two frames. Which one do you think they decided on? Which one would you choose?        
mouldings for fall custom picture framing
Fall is here, with the trees changing color and the weather changing to overcoat and umbrella time, a time to look back and be thankful for the beautiful spring and summer we had, and to look forward to winter nights and the holiday season. I’m gearing up for the fall, too, with a selection of mouldings that capture a bit of the sparkle of the season – twining leaves, the colors of autumn, rich veneers reflecting the light of a cheery fire, music notes reminding us of the songs we sing, stars... read more
a shot of color adds impact to custom framing
Sometimes, all you need is a little shot of color.This photo was matted by the photographer in a nice, white mat, and the frame worked into the clients style of furnishing at home, but it just didn't pop. A narrow, raised band of royal blue helped bring out the photo and picked up an accent color in the home.  
custom framing Seattle Mariner memories/Griffey, Hernandez
On a stormy night like this one (October 25, 2014), it’s hard to imagine a sunny day at the baseball park. I just finished two memory boxes highlighting two of Seattle’s favorite players. Hopefully, these will bring a smile to all the Mariners fans out there!
custom framing an Hawaiian sunset
What a gorgeous picture to have come into the shop for framing! I know this probably doesn’t show up in the pictures I am posting. The moon and the water have a pearlescent finish that glows as you view the picture from different angles. I’ve tried to show this in the close up of the moon and a side view of the scene. The client and I chose a mottled grey metallic frame, an inner soft gold fillet, and an accent line of pale rose violet. I like how the frame mirrors the night sky, the soft rays... read more
custom framing antique map of the Hawaiian islands
Of course, a map is always necessary when you travel.This map of the Hawaiian Islands is modeled after an antique map. The client wanted a frame with lots of texture and the feel of the tropics.      
contemporary Hawaiians linked to Hawaiian ancestors
Continuing on our Hawaiian vacation, several clients brought in a series of Hawaiian legends prints.The prints show contemporary Hawaiians echoed by their native ancestors. Each one of the prints includes an explanation about the event or ceremony featured. My understanding is the contemporary Hawaiians pictured in each scene have a historical link to the story of the picture and were asked to be models to link the present day to the past. Not only did the clients bring in the same themed... read more
custom framing antique postcards of kitties
Whew! It has been a while since I had time to post about what we have been framing – my mother (90), fell and broke her wrist, so I have been pretty busy taking care of her. While she recuperates, I am taking care of her kitty, Ebony. This brings me to what we are framing this week – KITTIES! A client brought these antique post cards in to frame as a gift for his wife. He asked for simple matting with a simple but antique feeling frame. Each postcard is embossed with the image of two wonderful... read more


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