framed otter photo
Happy New Year, everyone! It has been a long time since we shared our framing stories – but we have a new, exciting framing story to share with you! We “otter” tell you, we are beginning our retirement! We will be open only on Thursdays and Saturdays, from 9 – 6 through 2018.  We will totally retire December 31, 2018. We would like to thank all of you for your friendship, support, and patronage for the last 35 years! Follow us throughout 2018 as we start our journey to a new stage in our lives... read more
Custom framing a childs drawing for a Christmas gift for Grandma
Every Christmas, clients come in with very special projects – ones that inspire and remind us that the spirit of Christmas is very real in our everyday lives – if we just slow down and look for it. This year, one of our clients brought in this special project – a painting by 5 year old Thia. Thia loves her grandmother so much. Thia’s painting is of her grandmother, and grandma is thinking of Thia – the cartoon bubble encases grandma’s thoughts “I love Thia, and Thia loves me, and I am thinking... read more
What are we framing this week? A young artists’ creation!                  I think our young artist captured springtime colors perfectly, don’t you? Her original watercolor “Rose Tree with Bangles Growing on Books” features a beautiful bouquet of hot pink roses on top of a golden trunk with glittery bangles dangling from the arched limbs. Doesn’t this picture make you smile a big smile?  
custom framed WW1 Red Cross advertising poster
What are we framing this week? A bit of mystery –  A WW1 Red Cross Partners in Service Advertising poster? Perhaps you can help us solve this. Our client brought in this wonderful advertisement poster she found in an antique store.  We think it is a WW1 advertising poster for the Red Cross, showing Uncle Sam and a nurse, but we are not sure. During WW1, the Red Cross created several advertising programs to raise funds for its services through “Roll Calls” and “War Funds” – campaigns that... read more
custom framed black and white photograph
What are we framing today? Yesterday and Today! Have you ever been casually glancing through a pile of old photos in an antique shop or tag sale, and saw a photo of yourself – except decades before you were born? That’s our story for today! Our client brought in this black and white photo she found at an antique store. She was looking through a basket of old photos and was stunned to see this photo. The woman in the photo is the spitting image of her, and from a time in which our client wished... read more
miniature painting of waterfall from Hawaii framed in gold bamboo
What are we framing this week?  Sunny climes! It is a dreary, rainy day today in the Pacific Northwest. Too rainy to be outside gardening, too wet to be outside walking.  Just the “get soaked to the skin and nothing nice about it if you are outside today” kind of day. But Hawaii sounds sunny and warm, right? These small original oils arrived in our shop straight off the plane from a Hawaiian vacation, ready to go into frames and then off to their new home in Seattle. Our client wanted a gold... read more
custom framing an embroidered pillowcase, embroidery, preservation, conservation
What are we framing this week? An embroidered pillowcase!    Our client brought in this beautiful embroidered pillowcase that was embroidered by his grandmother. He told us he had many memories of visiting her in her home, and of the intricate needlework she adorned her house with.  After she passed away, the grandchildren were given something she had made as a keepsake.  His keepsake was this embroidered roses pillowcase with crochet edge trim. He didn’t want to use it, but wanted to be able... read more
framing a puzzle
What are we framing this week? A Puzzle! Our client brought in this fabulous spices puzzle, wondering if we had any ideas of how she could get it off her kitchen table and onto her kitchen wall. She wanted something simple, easy to clean, and would work with the box edge of the puzzle. And she wanted to be able to hang it any way she wanted. We suggested a lamination process that covers the top of the puzzle with a nonglare lamination film to protect and hold the puzzle together, as well as... read more
custom framing an 1896 crayon portrait
What are we framing this week! A crayon portrait from 1896! You may remember the photo we posted a while ago of twins. Our client brought in another crayon portrait of a young child. She wanted to frame the new photograph in a similar frame style to go in another room in her house. Crayon portraits were made from about 1860 into the early 1900’s. A “soft” photographic image was printed to a matte paper, and the detail was provided by the photographic artist in charcoal or pastel. The photograph... read more
Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam concert poster, Pittsburgh, custom framing, double sided framing, preservtion framing, conservation framing
What are we framing this week? Pearl Jam Doubled! This is an AMAZING poster! Our client purchased the poster and framing as a birthday gift for his wife. The poster is the Oct.13th Pittsburg Pearl Jam commemorative poster. It is a remarkable piece of art in many ways – the printing on the “front side” is done with electric neon colors on black in matte, shiny, and pearlescent inks, and the poster is double sided – the image of the iron worker on the front, and the writing about the comcert on... read more


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